Come out on Saturday, April 22nd, to receive a FREE oil change applied by volunteers from our church family. This ministry has been created to bless the single moms, widows and military wives in our community.

Receive FAQ

Who is eligible?
Single Moms, Military Spouses (male or female), Widows
Do I have to live in Chili?
No, we will service your vehicle no matter where you live.
Do I need an appointment?
Yes, since we have reserved 60 spots at Vern’s facility, we do require an appointment scheduled through the link above. Please do not contact Vern’s directly. And if you have questions, please contact the church office at 585-889-0190.
When is the registration cut-off?
We will stop registrations on Thursday April 20, 2017 at midnight, or when all the available appointments are full.
Why do you need my email and phone numbers?
We will confirm your appointment via your email after you make your appointment online, and we will give you a reminder phone call on Friday, April 21st. We promise not to share your information, nor use it to contact you in the future unless you request that we contact you.
How long will the appointment take?
No more than an hour. We request that you show up 5 – 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time of your appointment so that we can meet you, and gather your vehicle information so that we can have the correct oil filter and oil ready before your vehicle is in the shop bay. We anticipate it should take us 30 minutes to actually change your vehicle’s oil and filter, We will also be topping off your washer fluid and checking the air pressure in your tires. We want to allow one hour in your schedule in case we experience any unforeseen issues with stuck filters, stripped drain plugs, etc.
Are you using qualified mechanics to work on my vehicle?
Calvary Assembly volunteers have teamed with the mechanics of Vern’s Auto Repair to ensure that your vehicle is properly serviced.
Are you able to do other repairs?
No, we are unable to do further repairs. This appointment is meant to provide a simple oil & filter change. We will provide you with information on any issues we notice while we are working on your car so that you can have the vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice, but we will not be doing any further work or component inspections while under the vehicles.
Why are you offering this free event?

The main sponsors of this event (Calvary Assembly, Vern’s Auto Repair, and Mark’s Pizzeria of Gates Chili) want to serve the community we live and work in. It is that simple. There are “no strings attached”.

What is the cost?
Just your time! Absolutely no payments or donations will be accepted from you for this service.  


Come out on Saturday, April 22nd, to serve the single moms, widows and military wives in our community. We will be giving them FREE oil changes and having your help makes this awesome day possible!

Serve FAQ

Who can serve?
We have available spots for teens through seniors. If you have a desire to serve, we will find a spot for your gift.
Why Serve?
The Oil Change Ministry of Calvary Assembly seeks to serve our community with a simple act of kindness through a semi-annual event featuring a free oil change and basic auto maintenance. We have decided to partner with a few local businesses as another way to impact the community. While the repair work is being done, church volunteers will visit with participants, seeking to form new relationships and answer any church questions that they may ask, in the midst of sharing the gift of hospitality. While we could accomplish the same end result (oil change) by giving out vouchers to an oil change business, this is a chance to serve and personally impact our community.
Do you have more questions?
Talk to Gary Heydens, Mark Romach, Steve Otto, Jonathan Sigmon
Serving Opportunities
  • Make reminder phone calls on April 21st regarding appointment times
  • Parking Lot Greeters to gather vehicle information
  • Washer Fluid Attendants with the greeters to verify hood latches open, and to top off the washer fluid before the car is moved into the shop
  • Runners to transfer vehicle info to the shop desk
  • Drivers to move vehicle from parking lot into the garage bays
  • Oil Changers to work side by side with a Vern’s Auto Repair mechanic
  • Tire Pressure Checkers while oil change is going on
  • “Post Greeters” to notify the folks that their vehicle has been serviced, to thank them, and bless them as they go.
  • Hospitality Tent:
    We plan on having a tent outside, and possibly the small waiting room inside of Vern’s facility, to hang out with the participants as their cars are serviced. This will include general conversation, prayer, handing out refreshments/coffee/snacks/Sports Camp Literature, etc.
    We also need to set up the tent and take it down. And transfer refreshments and snacks to the site.
  • Photographer, Videographer 
  • Lunch Servers

Support our Oil Change Ministry Financially

Please consider supporting this ministry with a financial gift. A gift of $20 will help offset the cost for each oil change.