Our Vision

Our vision is simple. We try to have a balanced mix of faith and friends. We believe that if all we focus on is learning the Bible, it can start to feel like just a bunch of rules for the boys. And if all we do is focus on fun and friends, the boys miss out on the incredible wisdom we can learn from the Gospel. It’s when we are able to have a great mix of faith and friends – they boys love coming, make long-lasting friendships and enjoy growing in their faith.

Active & Engaging

A Typical Evening…

  • Opening Formation
  • Boys share Bible Memory work
  • Lesson
  • Prayer & Snack Time
  • Games
  • Closing Formation
  • Awards




Event Nights

Key Dates:
Sep 7 – Parent Night
Sep 28 – Event Night
Oct 26 – Harvest Night
Nov 30 – Event Night
Jan 25 – Nerf Night
Mar 1 – Event Night
Mar 29 – Event Night
May 3 – Date Knight
May 31 – Final Night

Upcoming Events…

Nothing from July 24, 2017 to July 31, 2017.

Wrist Bands

Wrist Bands

One of the things that gets the boys really excited about memorizing scripture and serving is our Wrist Bands! The boys can advance through the ranks of our wrist bands, similar to earning karate belts. For each wrist band – they have to complete 3 components: Bible Memory, Citizenship, Fitness. Fitness and Citizenship can be completed at home, and your son can bring in a signed coupon to receive credit. Bible Memory will be recited in front of they peers – a great activity! See all the details below.

Wrist Band Requirements: